Friday, December 2, 2011


So...I thought I'd write something cause I could practically feel my creative juices flowing through me.


The room was dark and eerily silent. Not my most favoured place in the world to be right now. Especially when it’s 3 freaking o’clock in the morning!

               Yeah, I’m not much of a morning person and yet my brother woke me up an hour ago saying we needed to go on a mission. How could I not be in a very bad mood?

                We waited behind some boxes in the old warehouse. Waiting for something to happen. A movement. A single freaking sound that indicates that there is something there for us to kill. All that can be heard right then was the sound of water dripping slowly, one by one, practically killing me inside with its soothing remedy. I just want to go back to sleep!

                When my eyelids began to droop, my brother pinched me awake.

                “Hey. Stay focused. I’m positive it’s here. The Director said so.”

                I rolled my eyes at him, wishing he could see it in the dark. “Yeah, and the Director is always right. Always.” Sarcasm.

                He sighed. “So he gave us a wrong lead once. Just once, Dan. And you’re already so against him.”

                The Director wasn’t that bad of a guy at all. He was pretty nice actually, despite the business we were in. And it’s true, he only made a mistake once in his career. But that one wrong lead was given to us. Out of all the other agents in the world, we got that mission. And being the unforgiving person I am, I still held a grudge on him till this day. Did I mention that the mission was at 4 o’clock in the morning?! And that day just happened to be my 14th birthday! So, yeah, I was pretty much pissed.

                I decided to drop the subject. Mostly because I hadn’t the will to argue with him. So we continued waiting in utter silence for another 10 minutes.

                Ugh. I hated waiting. When I reached my peak, I stood up. “That’s it. There’s nothing here. We’ve been waiting for 40 minutes and no freaking ugly monster has appeared or showed any signs that it’s even here, so I am ou-“

                As you might have figured, I was cut off by a nasty screeching sound from the other side of the boxes.

                My eyes widened as I turned to face the ugly beast. Its many eyes ogling at us with hunger. Its claws, ten on each hand, started whipping the air. Its 20 feet high body was covered with slime of practically every colour. And its mouth, filled with razor sharp teeth, enough to rip off the body of an elephant in one bite, was dripping saliva which I knew from experience was acidic and could definitely burn.

                How could we have missed it?

                “Great. You woke him up,” David said while standing up beside me. “All right. Gear up. We’re in for a nasty one.”

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