Thursday, December 15, 2011


I can't help but read ASSBIPI's latest post saying she's sorry.
And yeah, I easily forgive. But forget? Not so much.

She's come to her senses and has realized that what she had been doing was nothing but pure BS.
That's a relief.
But her reasoning was pretty damn pathetic.

Let's quote: looking at the way you guys 'act' in the facebook just make me feels.....damn. i know i'm no one to you, but as person that has the same God, the same Prophet, the same race..i have my own right to correct what's wrong. 

My comment: Don't talk to me about God and the Prophet after what you've been doing laa. And correct what's wrong? Whoever taught you that's how to correct the wrong? Someone needs lessons on these things ASAP. and YES, i'm talking about you.

Alright. Next quote: be yourself la...being 'havoc' is not always a good thing. neither being a shy person. so, the best thing..the right thing to do is just be yourself.

What I say: How would you know that their 'havoc' or shy behavior is not them being themselves eyy? Yeah, we all have our own problems with all the 'bajet' people in this world but it's not up to you to label them as being someone they're not.

Here's another one:  ask yourself "are you yourself?" don't feel shame of your personality. everyone was born in their own way.

My response: DUDE, you should be asking yourself that Q. are you saying that your "personality" is "i LOVE to thrash people because it is the RIGHT thing to do and to correct what's wrong"? Good to know. Atleast you're 'being yourself' right?

Que another one here:  if someone looks much prettier than you, just ignore it. make yourself pretty in other ways since not everyone was born with a perfect figure.

I was like: WHAT? you do realize all this time you've been making people feel ugly, right? Who gave you the right to make them feel that way about themselves?! "if someone looks prettier than you, ignore it", you said. Then you should ignore all those PRETTIER SBPians and not feel so annoyed by their beauty, don't you think?

Yeah, ok. I think i'm done.
BTW, i forgive you. But i'm not sure that my friends (whose faces were plastered on your blog), would feel the same way.

May we all have peace after this.
Over and out.

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