Thursday, June 9, 2011


I did it! I read Runaway from the Airhead Trilogy!!!
I didn't think I could wait any longer to read the freaking book that I looked it up online

No. She didn't actually RUN in the book.
I felt it was like a moment of glory for having found that book online!
I read all the way from 1 till 4.30 in the morning-and i still didn't finish it.
Yes, that's how slow a reader I am.
But you just can't read The Airhead Trilogy so fast!
Because then you wouldn't really FEEL it.

It has such a fricking amazing ending!
But best of all, Em and Christopher were sealed.
They may be two people with killer egos, but they were just perfect for each other.

Did I just say that?
I felt a shiver down my spine.
Not good.

But, again.
Can't I be all girly and think that's freaking cute too?

Cabot's a genius, no doubt.
This has to be my favourite book of her's.
My other favourite is Avalon High:)))

And even though I've read it.
It still woudn't change the fact that I'm begging Abang to find it wherever he is and bring it home to MOI.
Yes, BEG.

Now that I'm satisfied that I know the ending of this hella good book,
I can finish the rest of my homework in PEACE

Here's where to go if you want to read it:)
You'll have one hell of a BLAST!
No. Make that heaven:)

Obviously, I haven't changed A BIT

Remember when I said I'm easily obsessed?
Well, it seems that I haven't grown out of it. YET.
Typical of me. HUH.

I've set a date tonight to watch A Cinderella Story AGAIN with Liyana.
She claims she's never watched it before even when I am POSITIVE she has!
But I tend to take advantage of these sick little situations.
Immana watch it again!!! I've reviewed it this morning.
It'll just bring JOY to me:)

And I am pretty happy with my KK Sej and KGT.
I just figured out it's pretty easy.
Probably because I've NEVER even tried to do 'em before, thinking it was way too hard for my shallow smarts.
pfft...Was I ever wrong.

But anyway, seriously.
How else am I supposed to entertain myself now that I have absolutely NO Facebook account?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Still, and forever will be, my FAVOURITE:D

I stayed up till 3.30 in the morning to watch(for the millionth time) A Cinderella Story.

My favourite movie since I was a kid(not saying that i'm not still a kid, but i've GROWN)

I've LOVED this movie since forever.
NO, not because i love Cinderella. I actually LOATHED her. Just a bit. Because fairytales are highly impossible, as we all know.
But because it takes FAIRYTALES and FANTASIES into a sort of real life perspective.
Okay, YEAH, it still might NEVER happen in real life but SO WHAT?
Gosh, I can't even explain how I feel about this movie.

Honestly, what can you NOT like about this?
Yeah,OKAY,so i fall for this CHEESY-ness, so SUE ME
And Chad? Dude, you'd have to be crazy not to think he's got looks

And FOINE, the fact that he had been totally clueless that it had been HER all along WAS pretty dumb(since all she was wearing to hide her face that night was just a tiny white mask), but so long as the ending was Happily Ever After, I'M GOOD.

PLUS, it is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR better than this junk:

It got me thinking, Can she even DANCE?
Sorry all fans of ANOTHER Cinderella Story but this is just WAY OFF.


But you'd probably be thinking, "What the hell is she doing watching that old flick again?"
Well, first of all is because that OLD FLICK is awesome!
Secondly, is because of THIS:

It's a REALLY good read
An amazing sequel
 Airhead is a novel of Meg Cabot's that I just discovered (I know, shame).
And it turns out to be the coolest book (or books if you add the sequel) I've read - this year.
And exactly WHY did this remind me of A Cinderella Story?
Because in these books lies a Christopher Maloney.
Who the hell is that? A boy from Winnie the Pooh?
NO, that would be Christopher Robin.
Christopher Maloney is Em Watts'(the heroine in this book) bestfriend/crush/true love.
And he is described as:
  • Blonde
  • Short haired
  • Has a nice build
  • Not the BEST looking person in the world
  • Hasn't really got the JOCK look
  • Pretty heartless(especially when he thought Em was dead)
And all I could imagine, the guy who would be PERFECT to play Christopher if they ever decided to make this into a movie-which I hope they freakingly would because, in my perspective, things are just clearer in motion picture even if you don't really get the details-is Chad Michael Murray.

JUST LIKE THEY DID WITH AVALON HIGH,another awesome book of Cabot's.
Don't get me wrong. I LOVE DISNEY. But I hate the fact that they always ruin a perfectly good book.

Forget Disney.

Chad would make the perfect Christopher. I just hadn't figured out who would be perfect for Nikki. I was thinking DIANA AGRON but she doesn't really have that supermodel look.

HAHA. I KNOW! I'M SUCH A DORK to think of such things.

But care.i.what;p

How else am I supposed to entertain myself now that I have no Facebook account???