Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here's a list of things I've been addicted to:

  1.  Maximum Ride (Oh gosh! I lo-lo-LOVE it!)
  2. Wattpad (These writers are pretty talented!)
  3. Percy Jackson (haha! I know, lambat gila aku! that thing's ANCIENT!)
  4. Spacing out while doing my homework (and eventually end up doing something else, for example, BLOGGING:)))
  5. Oreo cheesecake (because it's homemade)
  6. Daydreaming (it's more of a habit than an addiction actually)
I think that's pretty much it. 
Short list, don't you think?
Eh, care i what.

Jealousy sucks, and I'm sure we're all aware of that:)))

I've never really cared about this "hot topic" but since it concerns my friends, I feel I need to show my concern.
About the whole ASSBIPI shit going on.
One thing's for sure, one very problematic person has got serious jealousy issues with us very happy-go-lucky SBPians.
This person rips off our pictures, edits it, throws bad words in his/her so-called BLOG, all for his/her own self satisfaction.
Honestly, what does that accomplish?
Piling up more and more dosa for herself? Gosh, hope that makes her happy.

Yeah, I stopped referring to the person with 'his/her' because I figure that only a girl can be that irrelevant.
I realize that I'm of the same gender but that's pretty much reality.
So, yes, I'm pretty much giving credit to the opposite gender. =.="

I don't see the point of all the fuss she flings around. Do any of you see the point?
I'm pretty sure the answer's no.
I honestly have no idea who this person is, and I'm not the kind of person who judges without knowing, but this is just my perspective of things.
So just hear me out.

Here's one thing I'd like to point out to you, Miss I've-got-a-huge-problem-with-those-lucky-SBPians.
We all have lives. And it's up to us what we'd like to do with it.
I'm more than positive that you've got one too. Because if you don't, how would you be able to write those horrible things on your blog?
So do you thinks it's relevant to waste it by thrashing everyone else for living their own?
It's pretty much our own business what we want to do with it.
Not to be skeptical, but I'm starting to think that your life revolves around that awful blog of yours.
Sorry to call it awful, but I'm sure that somewhere inside you, you think that it is too.

I know what some of you must be thinking, "Why would she(as in me) give a damn to what that individual have to say?"
Well, actually I DON't give a damn.
I care.
I'm just hoping that people would open their minds and not be so skeptical about little things that probably doesn't even affect their lives.
It's not my problem, I realize that.
But despite my laziness to update my blog (unlike HER), my fingers are just fidgeting to say something about it.
And so I am. Saying something about it, I mean.

I'm not really asking you to stop, because that would be very unfair of me, but I'm asking you to think.
Just for a second, if that's all you can afford of your precious time thrashing people.
It's unfair to everybody, especially to us innocent SBPians, even you.
Who really cares who's HOTSTUFF or UGLYASHELL???

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I hope I'm understood.
Over and out.

Yeah, I may sound waaaay lame giving the whole "life's a ferriswheel talk".
But care i what:D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camp or Mini-Vacation?

Rightio. Just got back from Camp 1Murid 1 Sukan.
Two words: Mildly enjoyable.
It was okay, I guess. Cool, no big fuss, no tentera or whatsoever.
Just some teachers and a whole bunch of kids in a resort.

So, basically this 'camp' is more of a 'course' actually because we never really got to do much PHYSICAL stuff.
Which is not at all what I had expected and not at all what I had hoped for.
I had been hoping for a hard core training session or just stuff that can totally improve my game.
But that's not at all the outcome that I got.

There's a whole bunch of talking and sitting and doodling and not paying attention and goofing around and getting annoyed and just STUFF LIKE THAT.
Honestly, I feel there's nothing wrong with that. Don't get me wrong.
But I just don't feel that it has given much impact on me other than improvising my social skills.
That's about it.
Okay, I get the whole THEORY thing but I was also hoping for a nice PRACTICAL workout.
I was pretty much super stoked when they said we were going to the court that afternoon for the basketball practical, hoping it'd be better than the archery practical the day before.
Boy, was I wrong.
Being there, I felt that some of the kids take BASKETBALL as a joke.
MY GAME. A JOKE? I can't take that.
Yeah, I was pretty pissed.
But on the bright side, I made a friend who reminds me of SYIQIN ZAN(haha) and that totally made me feel better. (Plus, I shot two 3-points:)

What else? Uhh..
Oh. And my room-mates are awesome. HAHA. 9.02!
Football brought us together, didn't it? Memorable. Very.
Then you guys made me go into the water padahal I was in a bad condition to be in it!
But I enjoyed it anyway.
It felt good knowing we STF kids HAVE A LIFE, if you know what I mean.

And not to forget the pretty cool free stuff.
Honestly, it was nice. Having so many things to remember them by.
Nana, Kak Sofia, Monkehh, thanks so much for making this thing a whole lotta fun.
You guys rocked this mini-vacation!
I will definitely miss singing in the hall with you guys:DDD

Oh gosh, almost forgot about the POCO-POCO!
But I gotta admit. I make a pretty good instructor, don't you think?
And a cute one at thatXD
How I survived those 5 minutes- I'll never know.

All in all, it was a pretty cool experience.(Minus the stupid, mindless BOYS)
I just hope that next time they have this camp, they'll give a more interesting approach.
Less talk, more actions because, honestly,

'till next time, folks:)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah, I realize I've never actually blogged about my most favourite group-of-people-who-have-absolutely-no-blood-ties-with-me-whatsoever.


Preparing for Le PMR was super tough because God gave us so much to go through.
But we made it anyway.
And the first day after it, the GOING-THROUGH comes again.
Gosh, everybody felt like crying and I almost got in a fight with someone...
Tragic,  right? yeah, i know.

The POST PMR was pretty meaningful though.
After awhile the hate and the hurt decreased and we were what you could call OKAY.
There was this bunch of activities scheduled for us which we absolutely DREAD but I think if they didn't we just might DIE of boredom and the school might have to dig a lotta holes to bury 15-year-old dead people.
and I told Abang I'd never get bored. He proved me wrong.

What I enjoyed most was the English Drama (thank you UTM for cancelling the BM Drama:)))
Ours was entitled: WONDERLAND. The fairy, the dragon and the gift.
Won ourselves THIRD PLACE and award for BEST SCRIPT!
Who was the script-writer you ask?
Duh, me.
FGM, Abu and Alice:)
Beauty and the Beast.
Who's the Beauty?
Me. DUH.

Woot! There I go again, bragging about how awesome I am.
Force of habit.