Saturday, December 3, 2011


One word to sum it all up.
It was an absolutely incredible performance and I was kind of rendered speechless at the end of it.
For 1 and a half hour, these 8 very talented characters played beat after beat-NONSTOP!
I suddenly understood why the tickets costed THAT MUCH.
They totally deserved it.

Honestly, I'm forcing these words out because there's actually no words to explain the beauty of it.

I mean, yeah, it's not actually 'beautiful' like Swan Lake or stuff like that.
It was beautiful as in- they proved that music can be made with just anything.
The remedy, the beats, they were all harmonized by these 8 characters.
Each person had their own flair and persona in the showcase.
And everything about each and every one of them was what made it so cool.

I personally liked the guy with the long cargo pants and the beret.
He had a certain flair about how he did all the routines that made him look cool and composed the whole time.
And also the girl in the denim shorts.
She definitely rocked.
Ooh, and not to forget the small guy in the red shirt.
He was the best comedy relief ever.
The show really needed that.
Poor guy was bullied around by the others the whole time.
Which is what makes the whole thing hilarious:D
The other five were brilliant as well.
But I just thought these three stood out in a different way.

They used all sorts of things to make music with.
First the broomsticks, then the matchboxes, then their boots, then metal pails, then the sinks, then these long wooden sticks, then BASKETBALLS, then flipping chairs, then lighters, then these rubber-tube-thingies, then stuff from a rubbish bag, then huge rubber floaties, then they went banging on EVERYTHING on the set, then trash can lids and just about EVERYTHING ELSE.
(BTW, these are not really in order but its all there anyway.)

My favourite was the gig with the long wooden sticks.
The beat was just so friggin' awesome and the moves they did was just too cool to be true.
And the basketball act just got me jumping in my seat even more than I had been jumping before.
If that was even possible.
But that act was very short and they didn't really have a lotta moves in it but it was still tres cool.
OOH! and the LIGHTERS act was SOOO friggin' awesome!
They turned of ALL the lights and the only light came from the lighter they were holding.
It was the kind of lighter that you could flip the cap open and close so it would make a cool clicking sound.
So did this really nice display of clicking sounds and lights from the lighters.

The other acts were super freaking awesome as well but if I were to describe evry single one of them, this entry would be VERY,VERY long.
It's a one and half hour show, people!
I felt like giving them a standing ovation at the end of it but no one else did so I stayed right in my seat and just howled and clapped like crazy as they bowed and flashed the most satisfied smile I had seen on any performer I'd witnessed.

Yeah, they were THAT good.

And they didn't even utter a word throughout the WHOLE thing.
Amazing isn't it, how you could entertain people without saying anything?
Well they just did.
And I absolutely LOVED it:)))

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  1. lol.entertain me tht way when i get back.bwhahahaha