Saturday, January 29, 2011

it's the CLIMB


4 hours in the bus driven by the very RUDE driver with a pack of BIKA and Farah Najwa either unconcious or reading her UJANG by the window seat.
Finally, i've reached home.

let's start at 12 o'clock in the morning laa. homework macam org GILAK.
CNY punye pasal, sanggup tido pukol TIGA pagi mauu siapkan KH.
by 2.30, the words on the worksheet was getting blurry and i wasn't able to churn what the HELLA it was trying to tell me to do. thank GOD farah najwa and farah nur(HAHA) was there. otherwise, i would've jatuh SYAHID sudaa...
soo, woke up at 5.50 or sumthing(farah najwa semangat sangat, PASSUP!). mandi nk tk nk je pasal sejuk sgt.(farah nur lagi terok! mandi ala-ala P.Ramlee basuh mate je. TUNGKIK!)
then photographer tersohor kita, cik nurul hanis azhar took pics and lalala...

farah nur yg busuk behind the camera
 Faje and i wore SPORTSHOES!!!!they said to wear kasut bertutup. kire bertutup la tu kann???
then we lalala on waiting for the coaster to take us to LARKIN.

around 9 o'clock.
we're in larkin and there isn't much to do. McDonalds was freaking full of people so we hit KFC.
Damn the breakfast menu, we didn't get cheesy wedges, our all-time favourite fattening food.
Faje had hot milo, i had iced milo and we both had breakfast twister-and OFF TO HOMEWORK LAND!
together we did maths which seemed awfully simple but after an hour and a half, i started getting BENGONG and calculated the simplest things WRONG.poor decimals:(

LE BUS. the driver was ridiculously rude i felt like slapping him in the face.
as planned, fell right asleep and woke an hour after that. layan mp kejap. makan bika. slept again. about half an hour before we reached KL, i freakin needed the toilet.
what made things worse was the driver said he wouldn't stop at SERDANG so we(dengan bengangnya) called up our moms to pick us up at bkt jalil.
What made us HOT was the fact that he DID stop at SERDANG. EYYY!POKCIK NI MEMANG NAK KENE PANG SKALI NGAN AKU!!!!
finela, pakcik!you will terima the balasan!

3.30, i think.
reached Bukit Jalil. WEEE!!!
sronok!jmpe mummy and aunty ann and poyok!
balik rumah, TERBONGKANG, almost missed asar.

end of story 
and i lived happily ever after
with a mountain of homework to be done
the end
apela nasib= =' 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let the brain busting begin...

The time of year which I absolutely positively DREAD has come. 
And there's no running away from it whatsoever.
Happy New Year.Happy Birthday Daddy.Happy Birthday Faje.UNhappy going back to school, Diyana.

YAAAAAHHHH!think positive la Diyana oiii...
Positive things to think about:
  1. Dynamites!YESS!i'll be back on court and back in action!
  2. Form 3! there's a whole lot of things to be excited about this year!
  3. Dormmates!!!Rindu-winduuu!!!
  4. Setiawarts!!!although they arent the ACTUAL setiawarts but, ehh, same thing!
  6. PPM! waa! seronok!
But of course,,, there are those bad, unhappy, miserable thoughts:
  1. Homework, YESS. my weakness.
  2. Sejarah, NOTA TAK SIAP.hahaXD
  3. Tudung baru,,,i have a feeling i wont like it.
  4. HOMESICKNESS. shoo away, will you!
  5. Cold water,,,BRRR!i can't stand it!
  6. Wake up at hella o'clock in the moning!
There are more but just thinking about it is making me depressed.
Insyallah, this will be a good year.I HOPE:D
PMR, Quints! Dalam tangan:))))