Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buttonbadges(part 1)

The wind blew softly against her skin as she sat next to his grave. The tears never stopped slipping. "Abang. You told me you were okay. You said you'd never leave me. Why are you not here now?" she whispered through barely parted lips. She gripped the Yaasin tight in her hand, encouraging herself to believe that this was all Allah's plan and that there had to be a hikmah to it.

He was the best twin brother anybody could ever have and Audi was so lucky to have had him. He completed her. How could he not? They have been together since they were in their mother's womb. Hizami was only 2 minutes and 47 seconds older than Audi. They were identical in almost every single way, despite the gender. But Hizami had one extra thing. Something that kept him different from Audi.
He had cancer.

"NGAH DI!!!"
Audi groaned. "Go away, Abang. Let me sleep." She pulled the comforters up to her head.
Hizami wasn't about to give up. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" He banged a pillow on the comforter where Audi's butt was under.
"Abang, I need my beauty sleep..." Half awake.
This creature needs a different approach. "Fine then, I'll go eat that Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake all by myself since my own twin sister doesn't want to celebrate our birthday with me."
Audi shot up from under the sheets. "BR? Mama got us BR?"
"Naw, I just had to make you think she did so you'd get up!" Hizami pulled Audi off her bed and watched as she rolled to the floor. "I'll be downstairs if you need me."
Audi rolled her eyes. "As if I'd ever need you." She wished she could take it back.

"Happy Birthday to you!" The twins blew the candles of their blueberry cheesecake and hugged.
Audi felt like laughing her lungs out. "We're seventeen and we're still celebrating our birthday like little kids."
"Hey! That's the point! To not feel old." Hizami paused and looked longingly at his sister. " I might not be able to have this for long."
The words cut through her like a knife. She shook her head as tears started to fall. "No. You're going to stay. We're going to have a party like this 'till we're 40." Audi hugged Hizami again. "I'll always have my twin brother."
Hizami took a deep breath as he wrapped his arms lovingly around his sister. "I'll always be with you, Ngah Di."
The rest of the party went as planned. Smooth sailing. Audi caught Hizami holding his head in pain once or twice. She was terribly worried. But Hizami acted as if nothing was wrong. All smiles all the time. Although he knew. He could never hide anything from Audi.
"Presents time!"
Hizami first opened Audi's present. His eyes widened. "Whoa! Ngah Di! An iPod? Seriously? Or is this just a toy?" He went to give Audi a half-hug. Wow. She must've used all her savings for this.
Audi chuckled. "Of course it's real DOINK!" She started unwrapping Hizami's gift. It was in a huge box. Quite heavy. She gave Hizami an 'I have an idea of what this is' look. Her jaw dropped at the sight of a picture of an acoutic guitar on the box. "Is this real or is it just the box?"
Hizami laughed at the question. "Of course it's real. I know you've been playing air guitar in your room for quite some time so I think you deserve this."
Audi's cheeks turned pink. Thanks for busting that fact to everyone, dude.
"Oh. And one more." Hizami got on his knees and took something out of his pocket. Round, flat and shiny. He pinned it to Audi's hijab.
"A buttonbadge?" It wrote: I love my Abang. Audi laughed like crazy." Nice one!" She exclaimed as she gave him a half-hug.
He dipped into another pocket and took out another. This one wrote: I love my Ngah Di.
I am the luckiest twin sister on Earth. Alhamdulillah.

"Mama. I don't know if I can do this. I don't want to go back."
"No. You have to. He wouldn't want you to stop reaching for your dreams. Especially not because of him."
"It isn't because of him. I just don't have the strength."
Puan Hamidah took out something from the drawer in the living room and handed it to Audi. "Here."
I love Ngah Di. The tears poured out again.
Audi nodded. "Okay. I'll go."

I desperately need a walk.
Audi was back in Liverpool. Back to finish what she had started. Her degree in engineering.
Slowly, she stepped off the stairs and onto the pavement. It was in the middle of fall and the air was freezing. Audi kept her hands in her coat pockets and walked on. Destination: wherever her legs wanted to take her.
Soon, she realised that she had no idea where she was. She looked to her left and saw a beautiful scenery.
It was the lakeside. The sun glimmering on the calm water was mesmerizing to watch. Audi swung her legs towards the huge rocks that sat on the sand and climbed on one of them.
This is my chance. "ABANG! I MISS YOU!!!" she screamed.
"Can't a guy get some peace over here?" A voice yelled back.
That's definitely not Abang. Audi looked to her right and dropped her jaw at what she found. No englishman has a face like that.
The stranger's expression was no different than hers.
"You're not from around here, you?" The stranger asked.
Audi shook her head. "And I'm guessing neither are you."
The stranger climbed onto his own rock to get a better look. "I'm Hizam. And you are?"
She smiled. It felt darn good to smile. She just realised how much she missed it. "Unnecessary question."
Hizam nodded. "Understood." Something caught his eye. "Can I call you Di?"
Audi looked up at him, her eyes questioning. "How do you-"
"Buttonbadge." He pointed to the circular object on her hijab. I love Ngah Di. Abang...
Realising Audi was quiet, Hizam went on asking. "What're you doing here? I thought I was the only one who had enough problems in life to come here and scream."
"I lost my brother." The words flowed softly through her lips.
Hizam kept his eyes on her. "To what?"
"Brain cancer."
"I'm so sorry." Hizam threw his gaze to the lake. That's all I need to know.
He grabbed his bag and hopped off the rock, heading off.
Audi caught this quick. "Wait. Where are you going?" What'd I do wrong?
Hizam stopped in his tracks and turned to face Audi. Here goes...
"Don't come here again. I'm serious. Not if you don't want to get hurt." With that, he left, leaving a very puzzled Audi behind.

They brought home GLORY:)))

one hella rockin' team
Yaww,,The Malaysian Footbal Team just made me HELLA proud to be a pure MALAYSIAN.
Not that I wasn't before, but the DUDES did amazing and definitely played their BUTTS OFF:D
Nice defence, Great attacks, Awesome headers, Charming smiles:)
Many thanks to this guy: Safee Sali:)))   
Can't help but appreciate that head of his:D
A whole bunch of credits to Fahmi, probably the greatest goalie m'sia has had in years:D
I've never been so GILA BOLA in my life! HAHA! Seronok! Sumpah!
Last words,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OJA-Chapter 1(here i go)

"You okay with that, Ja?"
Hajar looked up at the ceiling, thinking it over. Saying yes wasn't as easy as it seems. Her lips were glued together. She wanted to agree so badly and get it over with but something pulled her back.
Puan Darwina looked hopefully at her daughter. If it was up to her, she'd take Hajar along but the 16-year-old was entering Form 5 the following year and she just had to take her SPM. It was vital she did so.
Taking a very deep breath, Hajar looked at her mother."Sure. Okay." Toneless. Her face, barely an expression.
Darwina felt her heart sank. She knew this would be difficult. For both of them. She tried to smile. To appreciate Hajar fighting over her own feelings for her sake. But she felt more like crying. Because it meant she would be leaving her eldest daughter behind. Not being able to hold it in, her teardrops started rolling down her Revlon blushed cheeks.
Hajar sighed and wiped the tears away with her thumb. "Mama, I'll be okay." Hajar smiled. Honestly this time. "I'll be fine over at Pak Long's." Eventhough I believe I have never in my whole life met the guy. Maybe when I was still a baby. But that was way beyond my memory. I can;t even recall what I did 2 days ago.
"I know that. But it's still wrong to leave you."The tears rushed out even more.
Shaking her head, Hajar reached for her mother's hand and held it firmly in hers."Nonsense. I know you're dong this for me. I need that SPM. So you go get that job. You deserve it. You know you do."
Darwina was laughing now, lightening the mood. "I guess I do." She looked up at her daughter who was obviously relieved that she was feeling better. " So, anything you want me to bring back?"
Bring me back Steven Gerrard. "Uh, how about a Steven Gerrard autographed liverpool jersey?"She semi-joked.
That's my girl."Wow. Pricy, don't you think?"
Hajar laughed. "Having my parents and sister in England while I study my butt off is way more pricy, okay?"
The mother and daughter hugged."Thanks a bunch, Ja."
"No big, Mama. For you, I'd do absolutely anything, Insyaallah."
"Amin!" Encik Aminuddin shouted while coming out of the kitchen with a mug of tea in his left hand and Hup Seng in the other.
Hajar turned to her father."Eavesdropping again?"
"Who me?Naw, I was just daydreaming about Arsenal live in action and scoring the winning goal," he said triumphantly.
"Arsenal's going down tonight lah Papa!"
"In your beautiful dreams, Ja. Liverpool's facing hard times."
"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?"
"Wokay. Stop. Now. Otherwise, none of you are watching the match tonight." Mama stepped in just in time.Papa looked at Hajar and jerked his eyebrows. Hajar did the same.
At exactly the same time, they kissed Mama on either sides of her cheeks and poked her in the waist. Then, they ran for their lives, up the stairs.
"Bye, Mama!"
"Bye, Sayang!"
Mama could only laugh and shake her head.
Like father, like daughter.

wokeh.1st chapt.long way to go....

Yes, We Met

HAHA.i am a psychotic LOSER and i'm not afraid to tell the world!(Tanjung Rambutan,stay away from me)
So, i have this little problemo with this little big word that starts with an O.
orange?orang utan?ostrich?OrlandoBloom?
i've been having this mentally disturbing problem since in kindergarten.But no, i have never been in, outside or anywhere near the Mental Problem Hospital, thank you very much.
let's go back in time.Activating the time machine!
Sometime in kindergarten: i was obsessed with Barney, Teletubbies and one other strange,mind boggling tv show
Standard1: Westlife!!!i go GAGA at a VERY young age, folks!
Standard2: I LOVE HILLARY DUFF!!!!i have this green hardcover book FULL OF HER.i blame ABANG. he made me buy that cassette(yes, i lived during the cassette days) of HD's 2nd album.
Standard4:Howdy y'all?!HANNAH MONTANA HAS ARRIVED.(Allah opened my eyes and now i just really don't like her)
Standard6:DAVID COOOOOOOOOK!!!cried my eyes out when i thot he wouldn't win!(hella big fan i was)
Somewhere in between sometime:CAMP ROCK,DEMI LOVATO and THE JOBROS. imma sucker for disney:)
and probably, after a hella great movie or watsoever-I'D BE STUCK.
wokay, all this pendahuluan is so LONG. all i wanted to say was actually:
Oh!Oh!and i bought this!
HAHA!nice, don't you think?
Oh!oh!and i've been strangely attracted to this particular celebrity
Ryzal Jaafar:)i LOIKE!
Well, that was a fun ride through time.But really, i'm not THAT easily obsessed, am i?
hmm,,musykil lah, musykil...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Siti Di Alam Fantasi:)))

Went to IB yesterday. Kudos to makcik, i finally get to watch theatre! Woot!Woot! Fun fun in the sunshine!!!
Siti di Alam Fantasi. First thoughts? The melayu version of Alice in Wonderland. Quite wrong, i was.
It all starts with a girl named ,DUHH, Siti(Liyana Jasmay!WEEEE!) who was the daughter to a hella rich man in a red coat and a top hat.HAHA. Siti was extra SOMBONG and just plain RUDE. There was this song in the first scene:
Dia cantik(aku cantik)
Dia kaya(aku kaya)
Dia Mulia....
HAHA!can't get it out of my head now!
Her family had this batu geliga(i was like: uhh, geliga?minyak geliga i noe la) and they were celebrating her 12th birthday. Suddenly, JENGJENGJENG, a huge long brown freaky monster thingy came and took the geliga away. evrybody except for siti and mamat(a servant) turned to stone. So, siti and mamat set out to find the geliga. While they were quarelling with each other, a huge stone thingy sucked them into its mouth, taking them to a strange world where all the bugs and animals were HUGE. first strange thing they met was a tree. Yes, a TREE(johan raje lawak). So, long story short, the tree joined them in their adventure. This song comes in:
Mengembara, mengembara
Hingga ke mana-mana.x2
Oleh kerna terpaksa
Geliga yang dicuri
Harus dicari
oh.Then there was this sesumpah. Freaky thing it was. so, basically, they try to run away from it and evrytime the sesumpah came by, there must be this scary music.SCARY. So, first, the tree brought them to this sarang lipas where all the lipas were rocking out. The lead singer was of course the Ketua Lipas(FIZO OMAR!!!HAHA!cute in the cockroach suit, i'd say). so, Siti accused them of stealing the geliga padahal they had a problem of their own. POLLUTION. haha.CHUMELL. so, they lalala on in the strange land. ketua lipas<3 told them to go through some tunnel and turn right, not left.
They met a burung bayan with a broken wing. the tree wanted to help but siti was like "ah!kisah ape?biaq pi la bayan tu" and she said that she wanted to go left, not right like the lipas said. DEGIL BENOR!, mamat said.HAHA. the bayan gave them some words of wisdom like "selalu berkasih sayang.seumur hidup akan dikenang." but siti was still SOMBONG,SOMBONG,SOMBONG, and came to this point when she brayed like a donkey(Hella funny this part!ahaks!)
Then there were these CUTE little bumblebees who kept debating about wether Siti should be helped or not. One night, when siti was already growing donkey ears and fur, she dreamt she was dancing with a HELLA HANDSOME PRINCE(Fizo Omar,like DUHH). okay, so lalala, little by little, siti changed into a nice girl and she, the tree and mamat became friends. they were playing hide and seek when siti was KIDNAPPED by some nasty frogs to be married to the frog prince. there was this song:
Katak Perasan,Katak perasan
Funny one.thanks to some stupid frog queens, she was thrown into the ocean. okay, so then they met caterpilars and a spider, and mermaids and lalala.
the cute bees unraveled the tale behind the sesumpah. some time ago, there was this handsome prince who was pretty mean to all the animals in the, the witch aka the protector of the forest cast a spell on him so he'd turn into a sesumpah and only a human who was half animal who loved him truly could turn him back. SPECIFIC MUCH? okay, so the thingy who stole the geliga was a CENTIPEDE. a huge one, it was. and they fought it.DUSHDUSH. so, the bayan helped-and DIED trying. the sesumpah helped too-and FAINTED, i think. so siti got her geliga back and thanked the DEAD bayan , mamat and the tree. then she went to the sesumpah. honestly, i thought she was going to do something drastic like hug and kiss him or something. but i guess saying thanx and lalala was enough to turn him back to human.
the sesumpah was lifted into the sky and there were some cool effects and then, FIZO OMAR APPEARED! and, like DUHH, they fell inlove and the prince went back with siti and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
this song: 
Dia cantik budi pekerti,
Dia kaya budi bahasa
Dia mulia....
I LOVED IT! i thought it was fantastic and fun and all.
But my over matured sister thought it was BORING. she sure is whack, isn't she?
haha.anyway, great job IB!you've done it again and again and again:DDD

Friday, December 24, 2010

Start of Something New:)

First post! Woot!Woot!
Finally, i have a BLOG. After thinking and REthinking almost a thousand times, i said to myself, "Oh what the heck!Just do it la!" and basically that's it.
I would've done so earlier but i just had PROBLEMS with thinking up a name.
I asked my super-object-naming sister for a name but she kept trying to persuade me to exchange a blog name for a poster she's supposed to make herself.About HERSELF. TALK ABOUT A VERY UNFAIR SISTEM BARTER LA!
so, today, while at OU for a cousins day out, i figured that i was far too ALLERGIC to the social world out there and that i was PATHETIC for being so. And the name slowly came to me, inch by inch, letter by letter.
And then it hit me-WHAM!ouch!right in the nose. the chicken rice shop was the saksi for that glorious moment.
my first blog name was born.
ape aku ngarut nie la???AHAKS!