Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Whole New Experience; a COMEBACK

HKSBP this year was something else. Learnt a lot. Maybe a little too much than a girl could take.
We won! The first few minutes felt AMAZING! Our return to VICTORY.
But then it was back to the way it was. The way nobody wished it would be.
Problems. Yeah, they're HECTIC. You can't run away from them. Otherwise they'll hunt you down.
I try to take all this positively. Turn the negative, the ugly, the shitness of it all into something beautiful.
Difficult. Hella hard. But I try.
Insyaallah, when it's my turn, I won't go making the same mistakes. EVER.
And I'll make sure the future generation doesn't do the same too.
Funny what you would do for something you love. People you love.

So we've returned, one way or another, we did it.
We got what we wanted. GLORY, VICTORY, PRIDE.
All over again, it's ours.
Now all we have to do is sustain it.
Who ever said it would be easy?
I bet it's going to be a ROLLERCOASTER RIDE.

Ting's taking HKSBP'12 by storm:) just wait and see

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