Monday, May 30, 2011

Buttonbadges (part 2)

"Audi wait!" Balqis grabbed Audi's arm before she could take a step further.
Hesitantly, she stopped in her tracks. Her gaze was glued to the floor.
"You heard him. He said don't go there anymore. Why are you being so stubborn?"
This wasn't like her, Balqis thought. Audi was a thinker. Thinking well before her every move. Why wasn't she thinking about the consequences of going back to the lake? Didn't she care about herself anymore? Had she lost it?
"Don't, Audi," she begged.
Audi opened her mouth to speak. But no words spilled out. The truth was she had no logical reason why she had to go back there. In that state, all logic had left her head. She just wanted to go because...
"I have to."
And she left, slamming the door before Balqis could say another word.

The walk to the lake felt longer than it did the day before. Am I even going the right way? Maybe I took a wrong turn...
Then she froze, mid-step.
No. This was it. The exact same place she was yesterday.
And there he was. Sitting on one of the big rocks. Throwing his gaze to the water, his lips moving slightly as if he was saying a zikir.
Without another thought, she swung her legs towards him and climbed on the rock she sat on before.
Why does she have to be so...
"Stubborn, aren't you?"
"I said Assalamualaikum."
"Thank you for replying my salam."
"Doesn't change the fact that you're extremely stubborn." He turned to look at her.
Audi smiled at him. He reminds me so much of Abang. "My late brother used to tell me I was stubborn." Then she looked away. "And I always ignored."
"Well, he was a good judge of character. You must miss him."
She shook her head softly. Hold in the tears, Audi. I don't cry. Especially infront of strangers.
"He's my twin. He's half of me. How could I not?" She managed to croak.
Hizam let out a sigh. Cancer. Wow. I can't let her experience the hurt all over again.
"I'm not fun to be with, you know?" Then he paused, looking at his feet. "Atleast, not for long."
"I don't care. I peace here."
"Is it the lake or is it me?" He asked with a slight smile at the edge of his lips.
Audi shrugged, blushing. Oh, sheesh. What's with the blusher? "Oh, it's definitely not you."
"Oh, it isn't, is it?"
"Yeah, I mean, who would be at peace with your hair like that? It's horrible. Ever thought about cutting it?" She was joking. Because it looked an aweful lot like Abang's messy hair.
"Oh, so now you're putting the blame on my hair."
Laughter filled the space between them.
The ice has broken.
"But don't say I didn't warn you."
"Warn me?" Her eyebrows scrunched. "About what?"
He smiled at her. A sad but hopeful smile. "Not to come here."

To be continued....

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