Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yes, We Met

HAHA.i am a psychotic LOSER and i'm not afraid to tell the world!(Tanjung Rambutan,stay away from me)
So, i have this little problemo with this little big word that starts with an O.
orange?orang utan?ostrich?OrlandoBloom?
i've been having this mentally disturbing problem since in kindergarten.But no, i have never been in, outside or anywhere near the Mental Problem Hospital, thank you very much.
let's go back in time.Activating the time machine!
Sometime in kindergarten: i was obsessed with Barney, Teletubbies and one other strange,mind boggling tv show
Standard1: Westlife!!!i go GAGA at a VERY young age, folks!
Standard2: I LOVE HILLARY DUFF!!!!i have this green hardcover book FULL OF HER.i blame ABANG. he made me buy that cassette(yes, i lived during the cassette days) of HD's 2nd album.
Standard4:Howdy y'all?!HANNAH MONTANA HAS ARRIVED.(Allah opened my eyes and now i just really don't like her)
Standard6:DAVID COOOOOOOOOK!!!cried my eyes out when i thot he wouldn't win!(hella big fan i was)
Somewhere in between sometime:CAMP ROCK,DEMI LOVATO and THE JOBROS. imma sucker for disney:)
and probably, after a hella great movie or watsoever-I'D BE STUCK.
wokay, all this pendahuluan is so LONG. all i wanted to say was actually:
Oh!Oh!and i bought this!
HAHA!nice, don't you think?
Oh!oh!and i've been strangely attracted to this particular celebrity
Ryzal Jaafar:)i LOIKE!
Well, that was a fun ride through time.But really, i'm not THAT easily obsessed, am i?
hmm,,musykil lah, musykil...

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