Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OJA-Chapter 1(here i go)

"You okay with that, Ja?"
Hajar looked up at the ceiling, thinking it over. Saying yes wasn't as easy as it seems. Her lips were glued together. She wanted to agree so badly and get it over with but something pulled her back.
Puan Darwina looked hopefully at her daughter. If it was up to her, she'd take Hajar along but the 16-year-old was entering Form 5 the following year and she just had to take her SPM. It was vital she did so.
Taking a very deep breath, Hajar looked at her mother."Sure. Okay." Toneless. Her face, barely an expression.
Darwina felt her heart sank. She knew this would be difficult. For both of them. She tried to smile. To appreciate Hajar fighting over her own feelings for her sake. But she felt more like crying. Because it meant she would be leaving her eldest daughter behind. Not being able to hold it in, her teardrops started rolling down her Revlon blushed cheeks.
Hajar sighed and wiped the tears away with her thumb. "Mama, I'll be okay." Hajar smiled. Honestly this time. "I'll be fine over at Pak Long's." Eventhough I believe I have never in my whole life met the guy. Maybe when I was still a baby. But that was way beyond my memory. I can;t even recall what I did 2 days ago.
"I know that. But it's still wrong to leave you."The tears rushed out even more.
Shaking her head, Hajar reached for her mother's hand and held it firmly in hers."Nonsense. I know you're dong this for me. I need that SPM. So you go get that job. You deserve it. You know you do."
Darwina was laughing now, lightening the mood. "I guess I do." She looked up at her daughter who was obviously relieved that she was feeling better. " So, anything you want me to bring back?"
Bring me back Steven Gerrard. "Uh, how about a Steven Gerrard autographed liverpool jersey?"She semi-joked.
That's my girl."Wow. Pricy, don't you think?"
Hajar laughed. "Having my parents and sister in England while I study my butt off is way more pricy, okay?"
The mother and daughter hugged."Thanks a bunch, Ja."
"No big, Mama. For you, I'd do absolutely anything, Insyaallah."
"Amin!" Encik Aminuddin shouted while coming out of the kitchen with a mug of tea in his left hand and Hup Seng in the other.
Hajar turned to her father."Eavesdropping again?"
"Who me?Naw, I was just daydreaming about Arsenal live in action and scoring the winning goal," he said triumphantly.
"Arsenal's going down tonight lah Papa!"
"In your beautiful dreams, Ja. Liverpool's facing hard times."
"Oh yeah? Wanna bet?"
"Wokay. Stop. Now. Otherwise, none of you are watching the match tonight." Mama stepped in just in time.Papa looked at Hajar and jerked his eyebrows. Hajar did the same.
At exactly the same time, they kissed Mama on either sides of her cheeks and poked her in the waist. Then, they ran for their lives, up the stairs.
"Bye, Mama!"
"Bye, Sayang!"
Mama could only laugh and shake her head.
Like father, like daughter.

wokeh.1st chapt.long way to go....

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