Monday, December 27, 2010

Siti Di Alam Fantasi:)))

Went to IB yesterday. Kudos to makcik, i finally get to watch theatre! Woot!Woot! Fun fun in the sunshine!!!
Siti di Alam Fantasi. First thoughts? The melayu version of Alice in Wonderland. Quite wrong, i was.
It all starts with a girl named ,DUHH, Siti(Liyana Jasmay!WEEEE!) who was the daughter to a hella rich man in a red coat and a top hat.HAHA. Siti was extra SOMBONG and just plain RUDE. There was this song in the first scene:
Dia cantik(aku cantik)
Dia kaya(aku kaya)
Dia Mulia....
HAHA!can't get it out of my head now!
Her family had this batu geliga(i was like: uhh, geliga?minyak geliga i noe la) and they were celebrating her 12th birthday. Suddenly, JENGJENGJENG, a huge long brown freaky monster thingy came and took the geliga away. evrybody except for siti and mamat(a servant) turned to stone. So, siti and mamat set out to find the geliga. While they were quarelling with each other, a huge stone thingy sucked them into its mouth, taking them to a strange world where all the bugs and animals were HUGE. first strange thing they met was a tree. Yes, a TREE(johan raje lawak). So, long story short, the tree joined them in their adventure. This song comes in:
Mengembara, mengembara
Hingga ke mana-mana.x2
Oleh kerna terpaksa
Geliga yang dicuri
Harus dicari
oh.Then there was this sesumpah. Freaky thing it was. so, basically, they try to run away from it and evrytime the sesumpah came by, there must be this scary music.SCARY. So, first, the tree brought them to this sarang lipas where all the lipas were rocking out. The lead singer was of course the Ketua Lipas(FIZO OMAR!!!HAHA!cute in the cockroach suit, i'd say). so, Siti accused them of stealing the geliga padahal they had a problem of their own. POLLUTION. haha.CHUMELL. so, they lalala on in the strange land. ketua lipas<3 told them to go through some tunnel and turn right, not left.
They met a burung bayan with a broken wing. the tree wanted to help but siti was like "ah!kisah ape?biaq pi la bayan tu" and she said that she wanted to go left, not right like the lipas said. DEGIL BENOR!, mamat said.HAHA. the bayan gave them some words of wisdom like "selalu berkasih sayang.seumur hidup akan dikenang." but siti was still SOMBONG,SOMBONG,SOMBONG, and came to this point when she brayed like a donkey(Hella funny this part!ahaks!)
Then there were these CUTE little bumblebees who kept debating about wether Siti should be helped or not. One night, when siti was already growing donkey ears and fur, she dreamt she was dancing with a HELLA HANDSOME PRINCE(Fizo Omar,like DUHH). okay, so lalala, little by little, siti changed into a nice girl and she, the tree and mamat became friends. they were playing hide and seek when siti was KIDNAPPED by some nasty frogs to be married to the frog prince. there was this song:
Katak Perasan,Katak perasan
Funny one.thanks to some stupid frog queens, she was thrown into the ocean. okay, so then they met caterpilars and a spider, and mermaids and lalala.
the cute bees unraveled the tale behind the sesumpah. some time ago, there was this handsome prince who was pretty mean to all the animals in the, the witch aka the protector of the forest cast a spell on him so he'd turn into a sesumpah and only a human who was half animal who loved him truly could turn him back. SPECIFIC MUCH? okay, so the thingy who stole the geliga was a CENTIPEDE. a huge one, it was. and they fought it.DUSHDUSH. so, the bayan helped-and DIED trying. the sesumpah helped too-and FAINTED, i think. so siti got her geliga back and thanked the DEAD bayan , mamat and the tree. then she went to the sesumpah. honestly, i thought she was going to do something drastic like hug and kiss him or something. but i guess saying thanx and lalala was enough to turn him back to human.
the sesumpah was lifted into the sky and there were some cool effects and then, FIZO OMAR APPEARED! and, like DUHH, they fell inlove and the prince went back with siti and they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
this song: 
Dia cantik budi pekerti,
Dia kaya budi bahasa
Dia mulia....
I LOVED IT! i thought it was fantastic and fun and all.
But my over matured sister thought it was BORING. she sure is whack, isn't she?
haha.anyway, great job IB!you've done it again and again and again:DDD