Friday, December 24, 2010

Start of Something New:)

First post! Woot!Woot!
Finally, i have a BLOG. After thinking and REthinking almost a thousand times, i said to myself, "Oh what the heck!Just do it la!" and basically that's it.
I would've done so earlier but i just had PROBLEMS with thinking up a name.
I asked my super-object-naming sister for a name but she kept trying to persuade me to exchange a blog name for a poster she's supposed to make herself.About HERSELF. TALK ABOUT A VERY UNFAIR SISTEM BARTER LA!
so, today, while at OU for a cousins day out, i figured that i was far too ALLERGIC to the social world out there and that i was PATHETIC for being so. And the name slowly came to me, inch by inch, letter by letter.
And then it hit me-WHAM!ouch!right in the nose. the chicken rice shop was the saksi for that glorious moment.
my first blog name was born.
ape aku ngarut nie la???AHAKS!

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