Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obviously, I haven't changed A BIT

Remember when I said I'm easily obsessed?
Well, it seems that I haven't grown out of it. YET.
Typical of me. HUH.

I've set a date tonight to watch A Cinderella Story AGAIN with Liyana.
She claims she's never watched it before even when I am POSITIVE she has!
But I tend to take advantage of these sick little situations.
Immana watch it again!!! I've reviewed it this morning.
It'll just bring JOY to me:)

And I am pretty happy with my KK Sej and KGT.
I just figured out it's pretty easy.
Probably because I've NEVER even tried to do 'em before, thinking it was way too hard for my shallow smarts.
pfft...Was I ever wrong.

But anyway, seriously.
How else am I supposed to entertain myself now that I have absolutely NO Facebook account?

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