Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love at First Sight? You're kidding me, right?

No music yet today, if you count out the TV3 jingle coming from the television.
Last Friday night, I experienced something I never thought I would ever experience all my life.

I attended the annual OPA-MGC/TKC OGA Debate/Dinner.
But trust me, I didn't even know what I was getting myself into until I got there.

Maka, siapakah yang sepatutnya dipersalahkan for this unexpected event in my almost-18-years of living?
Three words: Qistina Syasya Maslan

The night before my sisters and I went to the Big Bad Wolf with my roomie a.k.a MakCik. At the same time I was trying to cook up a plan how I could get myself to Sunway Lagoon on Friday to meet up with a friend from Kedah. After much thinking and coming up with yilek solutions, I took the plunge and TEXTED my Dad asking, "Is there any possible way for me to go to Sunway tomorrow? Just asking. Kalau takleh, I'm fine:)" 
His reply: Not possible
So I'm like: K

Party-pooper. Pfffffffffffffffttt.

So I spent my Friday morn' reading James Patterson's Daniel X: Armageddon which I purchased for RM8 rather than the initial RM40 in your local MPH or Popular bookstores, which is an amazing deal because I learnt from reading his Maximum Ride series that Patterson could really break your heart at the end of an EIGHT BOOK JOURNEY and make you feel the roller coaster ride of jumbled up emotions was just not worth your money. Faham tak?

Sedang aku bergolek-golek dalam arena kebosanan, WeChat alert tiba-tiba memecah kesunyian. It was Qisya. I'm like, "The hell does she want from me?" 
Dia mengajak ke dinner rupanya. Tambah interesting lagi apabila dia kata ada debate between RMC dan TKC. TBH, I had doubt and thought she was just messing with me. Fikir punya fikir punya fikir route nak ke Lake Club tengah-tengah KL daripada Bangi ni, dapatlah aku bodek Daddy hantar ke KTM station, naik train sampai ke Segambut, waited over 30 minutes for Faje to pick me up, and zoomed our way to Lake Club to meet up with Qisya and family for the dinner. Up til then, I still had no clue what the dinner was all about. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Punyelah masin/kelat/payau taik hidung si Qistina Syasya tu tak warning awal-awak pada aku dan Faje bahawasanya tak perlu pun nak pakai baju kurung macam perempuan melayu terakhir masa dinner tu. Kira syukur la aku tak terfikir luar alam nak pakai heels malam tu. Nike flats selamat tersarung pada kaki. Tudung bawal pun boleh tahan off color sempoi habis la tu takat pin butterfly je. Dress code dinner tu lepak je kot. Ada je manusia yang pakai jeans! But I somehow managed to steer my head to the positive view of things. Tah macam mana tah boleh terasa cool pulak dressing ala-ala remaja riang-ria pakai cukup syarat nak ke kenduri kahwin saudara mara. 

Baru terasa macam budak STF di tengah lautan alumni TKC dan RMC yang majoriti dah bergelar mak/bapak budak!

Diyana Taib ni masalah sikit bab jumpa parents member sendiri. Awkward tak terkata! Syukur yang teramat sangat Cik Farah Najwa yang sememangnya mesra alam tu was present. Masuk-masuk hall, nampak banner di atas stage terang tang-tang bertulis: 
Love At First Sight
And I'm like, "Daaammmmnnnnn..."

Apa-apalaaa...janji makan sodap, aku ok!
At the opening of the debate, I had started to reach into my bag for my Patterson but I decided not to stuff my ears with Linkin Park - to be respectful of the event. And I was glad that I didn't. Otherwise I might have missed some of the funniest adult jokes I had ever heard all my life.

The topic was: THBT Love at First Sight is a Reality.
RMC was gov and TKC was opposition. 
I kind of snorted and made a face at the topic. Seriously? That's all these highly achieved Tan Sris and Datuks could think up?
The points brought up by the men were shallow in my opinion. Or maybe it just felt that way because of how skeptical I was towards the topic. Either way, TKC's win was obvious since the beginning.
But I think what made the debate all the more fun was thanks to the moderator. A used-to-be debater from Malay College. Cocky was practically his middle name but it was super entertaining to watch. If I was to vote for best speaker, I'd choose him simply because he made me laugh so hard just when I thought I would be miserable throughout the whole debate.

Who knew men had two heads? New knowledge. Thanks for that, oldies.
And one of the Wong Brothers really got me on the 'Love is an umbrella for lust' joke. It WAS a joke right?

After the dinner, I followed Qisya home and gained a lot of ideas for my bedroom. And we just dished out on so much until 3 a.m. 
Night well spent, I'd say.

#Sedikit perkongsian ikhlas dari hati, out of pengalaman orang sekeliling dan diri sendiri:
Sisters, if a man extends his hand our way, are we to take it as to not be viewed as disrespectful?
Absolutely not. Even if he is older than us or someone of a big name in society. 
Niat tidak dan tak akan pernah menghalalkan cara, am I right?
If you just give a small smile, bow your head a little while mildly shaking your head when offered a hand to shake, it's already enough of a show of respect. And you yourself will gain their respect as a muslim woman, InsyaaAllah. 

An alien horse named Xanthos from Patterson's book just taught me: 
"Never give sway to the negative way."
Well said. I'd love to make a pit stop at your hometown in the Dark Horse Nebula to pick up some nice quotes:)

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