Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Satu Dugaan

Pergh! First time kot title BM! I think...
I must be the worst blog owner in the history of bad blog owners. So sue me!
Don't get me wrong. Writing - ME LOVE. But updating about almost every event in my life - takes up too much energy. I'm not very good with commitment.

Now, back to the title. I think everybody who knows me knows what I'm talking about.
OH HKSBP 2012!!!!
Definitely NOT our year. My eyes hurt for approximately a week or so and are sort of puffy looking but whatever. You get the picture. It wasn't a very HAPPY occasion.

We won the first game, alhamdulillah.
Then the game with SSP was pretty close. We lost,still. But it was a good fight.
I don't even want to remember the game with SEMSAS.
And the match with SMAPL was just- TRAGIC (credits to Kak Nadhirah XD)

How can I put this? I put it in one word..FRUSTRATED.
DEVASTATED works too.
Who wouldn't be? 2 years of going as a supporter. Both years full of drama and whatnot.
Finally getting in the team and, well, let's just say it didn't live up to my expectations.
It was the absolute opposite really.
What makes it worst is what happened right after the lost

Here's us: crying, laughing at the ridiculousness of our defeat. Such a foreign feeling, honestly.
Here's coach: "Dynamites, come here." He gathered us.
It was quite clear in my mind what I bet he would say. But what actually came out of his mouth just left my mouth hanging open in disbelief. Yup, I was freaking dumbfounded.
You would be too if you heard it first hand.

"I'm resigning."
and the rest was blablablablabla...
Well, that's just a nicer way to say "I EFFIN' QUIT!"

I'm sorry dude. I loved you but that was just a low blow, man.
I'm not saying that I didn't blame you at all for what happened but GOSH! GET A GRIP!
Us girls are the ones who should be having a nervous break down and threaten to give up.
Though I was already sort of holding a grudge on you before, what you said that day just totally vaporized my respect for you. Gone with the wind. *queue whistling sound right here*

Alright. Ting. Enough. What's past is past.
The here and now and what will come is what's important.
Now I have to really focus on my studies because my grades are tragically SLIPPING.
I can't let that happen. I'm a good student. It's just that this year, my interest towards various forms of art is growing like crazy and I love doing it! Video-making, creative writing, music, designing - even photography!
I have to admit- I'm pretty good.
But it's severely distracting me.

Insyaallah, I'll be a good captain.
I've layed out some training plans that can hopefully strengthen our basics.
Just gotta find another coach- AND WE'RE GOOD TO GO! hopefully.

Strive For Glory, Ting. Let's Return to Victory next year.

Mulakan dengan bismillah.

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