Monday, November 14, 2011


Yeah, I realize I've never actually blogged about my most favourite group-of-people-who-have-absolutely-no-blood-ties-with-me-whatsoever.


Preparing for Le PMR was super tough because God gave us so much to go through.
But we made it anyway.
And the first day after it, the GOING-THROUGH comes again.
Gosh, everybody felt like crying and I almost got in a fight with someone...
Tragic,  right? yeah, i know.

The POST PMR was pretty meaningful though.
After awhile the hate and the hurt decreased and we were what you could call OKAY.
There was this bunch of activities scheduled for us which we absolutely DREAD but I think if they didn't we just might DIE of boredom and the school might have to dig a lotta holes to bury 15-year-old dead people.
and I told Abang I'd never get bored. He proved me wrong.

What I enjoyed most was the English Drama (thank you UTM for cancelling the BM Drama:)))
Ours was entitled: WONDERLAND. The fairy, the dragon and the gift.
Won ourselves THIRD PLACE and award for BEST SCRIPT!
Who was the script-writer you ask?
Duh, me.
FGM, Abu and Alice:)
Beauty and the Beast.
Who's the Beauty?
Me. DUH.

Woot! There I go again, bragging about how awesome I am.
Force of habit.

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