Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Camp or Mini-Vacation?

Rightio. Just got back from Camp 1Murid 1 Sukan.
Two words: Mildly enjoyable.
It was okay, I guess. Cool, no big fuss, no tentera or whatsoever.
Just some teachers and a whole bunch of kids in a resort.

So, basically this 'camp' is more of a 'course' actually because we never really got to do much PHYSICAL stuff.
Which is not at all what I had expected and not at all what I had hoped for.
I had been hoping for a hard core training session or just stuff that can totally improve my game.
But that's not at all the outcome that I got.

There's a whole bunch of talking and sitting and doodling and not paying attention and goofing around and getting annoyed and just STUFF LIKE THAT.
Honestly, I feel there's nothing wrong with that. Don't get me wrong.
But I just don't feel that it has given much impact on me other than improvising my social skills.
That's about it.
Okay, I get the whole THEORY thing but I was also hoping for a nice PRACTICAL workout.
I was pretty much super stoked when they said we were going to the court that afternoon for the basketball practical, hoping it'd be better than the archery practical the day before.
Boy, was I wrong.
Being there, I felt that some of the kids take BASKETBALL as a joke.
MY GAME. A JOKE? I can't take that.
Yeah, I was pretty pissed.
But on the bright side, I made a friend who reminds me of SYIQIN ZAN(haha) and that totally made me feel better. (Plus, I shot two 3-points:)

What else? Uhh..
Oh. And my room-mates are awesome. HAHA. 9.02!
Football brought us together, didn't it? Memorable. Very.
Then you guys made me go into the water padahal I was in a bad condition to be in it!
But I enjoyed it anyway.
It felt good knowing we STF kids HAVE A LIFE, if you know what I mean.

And not to forget the pretty cool free stuff.
Honestly, it was nice. Having so many things to remember them by.
Nana, Kak Sofia, Monkehh, thanks so much for making this thing a whole lotta fun.
You guys rocked this mini-vacation!
I will definitely miss singing in the hall with you guys:DDD

Oh gosh, almost forgot about the POCO-POCO!
But I gotta admit. I make a pretty good instructor, don't you think?
And a cute one at thatXD
How I survived those 5 minutes- I'll never know.

All in all, it was a pretty cool experience.(Minus the stupid, mindless BOYS)
I just hope that next time they have this camp, they'll give a more interesting approach.
Less talk, more actions because, honestly,

'till next time, folks:)

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